About Some Future Plans

All our achievements are predetermined by the wishes of our users. We try to consider every suggestion and wish that we receive and implement them in our released programs or even develop new ones.

We are planning to publish more updates within the month. Among the most important ones will be possibility to edit MP3 tags in batch mode and not one by one as it is done now.

Moreover, as requested, the programs will be able to take as input data not only single files, but whole folders including sub-folders thus preserving the folder organisation structure.

And finally, at the moment we are developing two new programs.
The working names are Free Photo Convert & Resize & Rename and Free YouTube Monitoring. The latter is a special tool to monitor YouTube channels or playlists which have been selected by the user, for example, to check and download new videos which appear there.

Hopefully with your help and your suggestions we will manage to release these programs and more updates very soon!

Users' comments

  • by liam

    i love this program very impressive. only thing that could improve it would be if you could get video’s off other websites other than youtube. otherwise its an awesome program! 😀

  • by umit sancar

    Dear Sir& Madam,

    I am using my PSP to watch films, serials, since I am travelling a lot.

    Since I am not a native english speaker, I want to watch films with subtitle, but almost none of the programs can embedd subtitle in the film. Do you have any plan for future to add such property to your programs, especially for non-english speakers. I guess, lots of people will appreciate for such effort.

    thank you in advance for considering my suggestion.

    ( I found only gom encoder (shareware) which embed subtitle in the film succesfully and easily)

  • by admin

    Please, refer to our Forum Page or Help Desk to place any question you have related to our software.

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