1-Month Christmas Trial for Rocket Subscription

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2012 Year! As a present we give everybody a chance to try Rocket Subsription and get accelerated download and conversion speed for FREE.
Get a Free Activation Key for Rocket Subscription. The key will be valid from this day till January 31st, 2012 and it does not depend on the date when you activated it. For those who have already purchased Rocket Subscription, it will be prolonged for one month.

Users' comments

  • by Eric

    Thank you!

  • by Genetix

    thats awesome! 😀

  • by Baggins

    I don’t understand what this rocket thing is for and why i should need it, the download speeds are amazingly fast anyway. thanks so much for the rotate and flip prog too. Brilliant

  • by Jim Vaughan

    You might get a better response to this promotion if you explained what it is you want me to sign up for. I have no idea what this Rocket thing is. If I knew what you knew about “Rocket”, I might be as excited as you are about the offer.

  • by Ihab Adly

    Thank you

  • by quietstorm

    This is awesome…thanks!!

  • by ahmed

    thank you

  • by Isaac

    I am very grateful for this, guys. Thank you so much guys!+

  • by mardi merjian

    To whom it may concern.
    I am very interested i trying your software.As i have indicated to you before i have downloaded the studio,but when i open the program and goto OPtions after that there is no place to click on PERFORMANCE TAB .Please advise as to how i can try the trial and to activate the code.
    It is getting very fustrating to me.
    Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

  • by Sameer

    Thanxxxxxxxx alot…….

  • by M.

    I just bought a year subscription today, didn’t see this offer. will I be able to extend it for an extra month?

    Thanks 🙂

  • by Dave

    Well, the offer is great. But I don’t know how to activate this free trial. I generated a few keys but they always disapear when I enter them and press ok. Of course I could click “Buy now,”, but I thought it’s supposed to be free. So I’m a bit confused and disapointed.

  • by Sotasc

    This is great, maybe ill actually buy this program

  • by Buffie St.onge

    I would like to have music on my iPod phone

  • by John Russell

    It is February-I don’t see a link to go to buy my rocket subscription??

    • by admin

      John, go to Start => Rocket Subscription and click Buy now. Thank you for your support!

  • by emmaneul ward

    thank u

  • by vishal


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