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how verify age when downloading ? (13 posts) [closed]

When downloading a video from youtube, normally no problems occur. Only thing, youtube doesn't allow you to view some video's if you can't prove you have an age of at least 18. 

I am 18, an have a youtube account wich says i am 18. When trying to download an 'adult' video a message shows up:
""To view this video please verify you are of legal age by <u>signing in</u> or <u>signing up</u>

thanks in advance!

Hi, Hunk! Are you logged in when you're trying to download such a video? Check this, please.

Hi Alice,
Yes, i am logged in while trying to download.
I use the latest released version.
Also, using Internet Explorer doesn't seem to help.

I have exactly the same problem. I just discovered it. When I first tried with version 3.0.12, it said that the age limit restricted it, even though I was logged in at the time. I tried again with version 3.0.16, and it still doesn't work. Any progress on those tests?

Hi J.,
you should log in to YouTube account to prove that you are adult. Try to log in, then upload video till the end and paste YouTube link in the program. Does the problem persist?

Hi, i have the same problem.  I logged in, then i watch the favourite video and copy the link inti the converter. Only  it shows the error message, i should log in to verifiy my age.

Hello, Kricki! You should log in to verify your age.

Hey, same problem with the most updated version (i checked), Yes im logged in, and over 18, and yes my account is an 'over 18 account', but it still says (and i quote) "This video requires verification, Please sign into your youtube account (Via your browser) to download this video. Then paste this vedio again."

Hi Branden! You need to get registered in YouTube first, while registering please specify your age, which should be more than 18. Activate your account, e.g. try to create your playlist. Then being logged in try to download the link.

traducere simultana
i copy the link into the converter but it sends me an error i can't seem to know what is all about?

Hello! Please, specify the program you use and error message you get.

Hello all,
Please read this post for instructions about verification on YouTube.
To traducere simultana:
If you are using the latest version of the program, please submit your request at our Help Desk. Specify: what program and what version you have now, what you are doing step by step, what error the program shows. Thanks!

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