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virus problems (48 posts) [closed]

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Key Master
We checked all our software with Norton and Microsoft antivirus software and it's ok, I think it's a false alarm.

black lion
I got the same but with AVG. The programm before installing was deleted. Try it again without warning but now I think that is the ad that is coming up in every IE page.

Hey guys...
I have a problem, and I hope you can provide a solution.
     I have antivirus software on my computer.
As soon as I installed BOTH the MP3 Converter and the Youtube Download.... The antivirus program detected activity on my computer similiar to that of a popular "WORM" virus...
         And now... Everytime I put an ethernet cable to my computer... It FREEZES UP!!!
           Whats up with that?

when you are installing, videosoft already tells you that you are about to install a "form" of what many would call spyware that sends info about what you use etc back to a certain company/website-so many antivirus programs will detect this as spyware/malware, which it is, even if it doesnt do any "major damage". 

of course if you use a good firewall such as online armor, this will tell you if your software is trying to connect to the internet you can just click on "block" to halt these requests to connect to the net (unless you have clicked on "update")... PS make sure that during installation you ensure that all the boxes to install the usual junkware that comes bundled (usually pointless advert plugins for your browser etc) with the software is also unchecked.... Id doubt very much that the software does come with "viruses", but then as long as you read before you click on the install/agree button for all software you download, and do a virus scan every time you install something new, your perfectly safe!   :)

HI I am using  version 4.6 on my computer because every time I try to put 4.8 on my computer my  AVG Internet security says that there is malware and it says that even when I try to update my video to Ipod converter is there any way I we can download version 4.7 of this converter? I checked on the site were the old versions of this video converter is on the site and the last version is 3.8 can you please add version 4.7 to the older versions of the video converter for me and everyone else to use again 4.7 worked really good until I updated to version 4.8 so can you please add version 4.7 to to old versions of this video converter to your site please? when will version 4.9 be out and will it be fixed so that AVG Internet security does not find malware and block the program from downloading to my computer? I have asked my dad about AVG Internet security  finding malware and my dad said that it is real malware and he also said that AVG Internet security is not finding malware  or any virus on my computer I had the same problem with windows defender when there was a new version of that software and I have that new version and my AVG Internet security does not find the virus when  I do a scan with my virus scanner so my question about version 4.8 will this problem go alway anytime soon  or is it just my AVG Internet security thinking that there is malware on my compute? I am using Firefox version 3.6.8 and I get the same problem when I download version 4.8 on my computer so I know that it is not Firefox or my version of the Internet  so can you plese who ever reads this message a owner of the company or someone who puts the new version of the video convert can you please add version 4.7 to the old versions sections of this site  for me and everyone else to download sometime soon? I am 26 years old and I started to use this program this year and I have never had any problems with this program until I  have downloaded version 4.8 of this program.

this is wat i got from nod32 Anti Virus: a variant of Win32/Kryptik.BNX trojan

But i think its a fluke its safe to download

With AVG you can solve the prolbem simple by shutting down identity protection. some how it keeps seeing it as a threat. you can turn it on after te install. good luck everyone.

you can scan it with  your anti-virus software to help your find the virus and then deal with it ,

When I tried to download the latest version of Free Studio (v 5.0.8), AVG shows me a virus file named "....freestudio.tmp". Is that actually safe or is it really a virus? It's severity level is 4 boxes...

unsatisfied costumer
the whole program is a fucking piece of shit... IDFC if you remove my post, but its ridiculous, that I didnt ask to install the fucking manager, I only wanted to install the youtube downloader... and in top of that I had to remove this junk manually from my computer and from my registry too, cause it wasnt there in control panel->add or remove programs and the uninstaller neither worked... your so called program is definately a virus, even if its not doing any bad to my computer... explain this whores... piece 

an unsatisfied costumer...

Hello gyus, would you please send us screenshots shwoing the messages that you have from your Firewall? And please test the program with the tool as mentioned above. Our programs are safe to install and run, but if you receive any messages regarding this safety, we need to have more details to find out the reason for it.

almost got suckered by this great software

my virus scanner and malware scanner wouldn't even let my save it to my hard drive 

unfortunately If I were an idiot I would just choose to run from your site

I have problem downloading the free youtube download and the update of free youtube mp3 converter . My anti-virus said that there is a virus and it stopping it to install . I'm using ESET nod32 antivirus 5. And it says that " win32/toolbar etc."

to fan
Same problem to me. I'm also using ESET and it says  win32/toolbar etc. Tried to download again and ESET warned me again.

Hello! Our programs don't contain viruses, they are absolutely safe to run and use. To install it on your pc, you need to disable your antivirus till the end of the instalation process.

I am using Mcafee in my system.. it doesn't allow to install the studio.. it detect the installation as  threat to the system

Hi, if you get any reports about a virus in our software, please contact our support team

A friend of mine asked me to pull a video of a rainstorm off YouTube.  I'd done this many times before...using freeware.  This laptop is new...about a year old...and I did not have a software piece as I had on my other laptop.  I casually looked around and "thought" (so much for that) I had found a good product......DVDvideosoft....nice website, nice concept....but, the "let us help you speed up"...should have tipped me off.  My thought, with Avast running, SuperAntiSpyware, and Malwarebytes...well...if worst came to worst.  I also had a new version of CCleaner.  All those tools have done the trick before:  don't like the function of it...delete it all.  First of all...I need to tell you about speeds:  normally, Comcast does pretty good with 13930 download and 4219 upload (these are scores from a recent scan).  After I installed the DVDvideosoft stuff...then  removed it and the toolbar (I thought everything was gone).....I'm down to:  6870 and 2980 respectively...or a reduction of about 50% in speeds.  Does this sound like "no virus's in our software".  So, let me get this straight....if you do "pay" for a downloader or install a downloader from DVS...then, you get your speeds back...but if you don't.....well, you might want to dream about quick download speeds.  Will somebody help me with this one?  Come on DVS....give us the magic wand to just walk away as friends....otherwise....

I have problemos here.

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