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Is The programm free youtube to mp3 illegal? (101 posts)

  • Started 6 years ago by Steven the DJ
  • Latest reply from Gal
Steven the DJ
Hello Guys, i have an important question!  Is the Programm " Free Youtube to mp3"  illegal??

Uhh..that didn't answer his question I wanna know too!!!


is it true that when you use this program that can happen is that one can come in a fine or the prison ... and it is now legal or illegal...?

Key Master
all I can say is that YouTube doesn't lay claim to anybody, neither to users nor to software developers

so it is illegal then

So, I've been looking for a legal youtube converter and I would really like to use this as long as it's legal...

Honestly, any YouTube-to-Mp3 converter is legal, as long as you are not ripping copyrighted audio out of the file.  For instance, recording the mp3 of a video about a vlog is completely legal; however, downloading Ludacris's "How Low" from YouTube is undoubtedly considered illegal by the law.  

I hope this answers your question. [=

so if the song is by a famouse musician, then you cant use the converter?

someone please answer the question coz i need to know is it legal or not ? thanks :)

I think You Tube delete videos wich has copyright songs!

I've used it for ages now, no harm to it, go ahead and use it.

its not worth risking it thenif you have 300 + songs downloaded illegally you can be fined for as much as a couple hundred million bucks

It's like 50% of people says legal another 50% or people says illegal... But since the admin says it is legal... Well then I hope everything goes fine...

PS: If you search on google, most of the answer stated is illegal...

So is it also illegal then to tape a song off public radio?  Whats the difference?  Seriously,  what is the big debate here other than the fact that everyone uses computers now as apposed to 20 years ago.  Back then you just taped the song off the radio, the movie off the television etc. etc.

Maybe I am just not understanding all this.  Seems a little foolish quite honestly but I am old.

Whistlin Dave
These websites and programs to convert YouTube to MP3 should be illegal because using them is illegal and the only reason they exist is to allow people to obtain music for free without paying for it.

Using these programs to download anyone's content from YouTube (other than your own content that you personally uploaded there) IS COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT AND IT IS ILLEGAL.  Putting a video on YouTube does not mean that person gave you permission to make a copy of the audio from it.  AND--Something does not need to be registered with the copyright office in order to be copyrighted.  Any time you create something original and record it in an enduring medium it becomes your copyrighted work, your intellectual property, according to the law.  So even indpendent artists who do not have a record label, their songs are protected by copyright law.

The law regarding using a VCR says you are allowed to do it so you can watch the content later, and then erase it after you have used it once (called "time shifting").  So, first of all, no one is deleting their MP3 after one use.  Secondly, if all you want to do is listen to something later, you can simply go to YouTube and listen to it later.  You do not need to make a copy of an MP3 to do "time shifting" when something is available online any time you want it.  The only reason to make a copy is to steal from the artist, to make an illegal copy of their music without paying for it.

IT IS DEFINITELY ILLEGAL TO USE THESE PROGRAMS and it is also bad Karma.  Use these, and someone will steal from you someday too.

Amen to that  Whistlin Dave,

If you have to ask then you know it's wrong the thing with this is that artist put their hard work into these tracks staying up all night with no sleep. Common sense you don't just go into the grocery store pick up a can of soda and start drinking right? No well @ least not a honet person you have to pay otherwise your STEALING. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could download music and not pay for it, this is not reality people. All of these free mp3 to share files and illegal downloading is not LEGAL MEANING IT'S ILLEGAL, it's called copyright infringement. Downloading it for yourself or to sell it's illegal ask yourself a question did I pay for it? No Did the artist or producer say free? No= ILLEGAL.

Ok dont think anyone is commenting here anymore but if you are pay attention it is illegal but i think it is legal of you dont use it for distrubution e.g. dont give it to anyone else pretty sure thats it, anyway to stop even risking it just stop downloading from youtube and buy the song i guess.

For *ALL* YouTube videos the copyright is owned by someone or other. Therefore copying any to MP3 is illegal.

If you follow the history, the recording industry says any use of any copyrighted work other than just buying the CD or whatever and playing it is illegal.  Personal compilation CD's is illegal, ripping it to your computer is illegal, loaning it to a friend is illegal.  It goes on and on.  This old beaten dog has been hearing it since the days of 8-tracks.  As long as you are not profiting from it, the industry has too many other issues to deal with and will not be knocking at your door to drag you to jail.

The days of big business running the industry is almost over, there is so much great music being created that is free on the web that the major labels are trying to figure out how to stop it and get people to pay for it so they can get even richer.  The artists receive so little money from each CD sold compared to what the labels get that things are moving more toward independent releases.

Support your area artists and those great unsigned bands.

dont people bluetooth songs to each other phone from phone? U dont pay for them, u end up listenng to the songs and keeping them for free. And I have been doing that for the last four years and I have not been jailed. I reckin the youtube convertor is perfectly legal as lon u r not selling te track onwards once u have downloaded it for free. Too may pple use it, plus jails r runnin out of space. I dont think anyone can be bothered to take to much notce.

I agree with Vampchic911 , why? because honestly who wants to wait for a blimmin' CD that's probably ben out since like a few months ago and you just get it, while the others have moved on. Don't you want to keep up to date with the music sensation around the world. Music is everywhere around us , no matter where you go (where would we be without music) my point is who the hell wants to buy songs after everyone's already heard it before you when you can join in and be apart of it. Like Australia they get all the latest movies before us New Zealanders and like how? because they copyright (black markets).

All youtube converters should be legal ; soooo much people enjoy downloading songs it keeps us going during the day, night times when your on the piss. Atleast think about it cos i fully love youtube and every song it has to offer way back in the days to now..

Ok so ive been to like idk how many websites,ive looked at forums, but i still havent found a stright answer....Is it illegal, yes or no?

I think it's clear. There's no evidence to think it's illegal, but that doesn't mean that someday, someone won't decide that it is, infact, illegal. Besides, every country has different laws, some worry about this stuff, some don't care. I certainly wouldn't worry about this.

"I've been looking at many websites, forums, but I still haven't fount a straight answer..... Is there a God, yes or no?"

Guys, it's an open issue. YouTube doesn't allow it directly. But most software companies have such software (including world wide well known corporations, like Real Networks). And YouTube hasn't claims to companies which develop such applications and to users who use it.

I'm going by my own rule. I download live recordings only that arent released.I spend thousnads on albums  and concerts each year so I figure I earned it.

Anne Shore

I have downloaded 15 songgs but i deleted them they are still on my ipod not on itunes but it is legal enless  you download it on a cd and sell it in stores that is pirating . But otherwise it is legal

It is legal if you are only using it for personal use, though anyone living under the same roof as you doesn't count. It becomes illegal when you spread it around the web, because that is thought to be promoting piracy

always thought as long as you own a copy you can make backups or rips. but if not it is illegal due to the artist not makign any profit on it . how would you feel makign music and everybody ripping instead of buying cd where you make ur money back. not 100% sure tho

When you get down to it...  When you use a converter like this to get music, you are stealing money from the artist.  Last time I checked stealing is illegal so using a program to get around paying is stealing as well so it is also illegal.  Many of these artists struggle to pay their bills because of people doing stuff like this.  Just think about it, would you like it if some complete stranger walked up to you and took your paycheck?

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