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lastest YouTube mp3 converter - trojan (11 posts)

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lastest YouTube mp3 converter has a trojan in it.

i got two trojans in mine

Youtube Ripper
yeah there are some trojans in it   my anti virus  program (AVG) detects it even when not installed
so   it gets removed by AVG

Not Sure
I got this too with my PAID AVG antivirus, but I am not so sure it is true. AVG is pretty unreliable on the false positives. I am going to double check on the web before killing off this useful software.

Not Sure
So I just updated my AVG virus defs ( I am a paid AVG subscriber woot) and scanned both the installer software and the installed software and then a whole system scan.

No Trojans.

Typical AVG flakiness.

May have to switch to some other software when my year is up.

Dear guests!
Don't worry! There are no trojans in our software. AVG like many other free simple antiviruses can detect the optional Ask Toolbar as adware, but in fact it isn't. Before every release we thoroughly test our software on high quality paid antiviruses and no trojans have ever been found

Martin Prinsloo
Thanks Alice.

Hi, Phil!
We checked all our software with Norton and Microsoft antivirus software and it's ok. All our software is absolutely free and safe to use. Maybe you need to update your antivirus software, the latest versions do not detect any threats.
You can check the programs for viruses with this simple tool. If after checking the .exe file, you get any virus alerts in the program, please, send us the links showing this and please specify where you downloaded our programs from.

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