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flv to 3gp / mp4 (4 posts)

How can I get rid of the black borders on top and bottom after converting a flv to either 3gp or mp4. Typically these vids are downloaded from youtube.


Hi, Steve
If original file from YouTube has black borders on top and bottom, our programs cannot eliminate them. You will need a special program for that, try to google. If your video acquires these borders after converting by our program, please send me a link from YouTube, I will test it and please specify what program you are using and what output file you are receiving.

Hi Joyce,

I'm using the Youtube download software  ver and I'm downloading to MP4 HD. I then use the 3gp converter to convert to 3gp which gives me the black top & bottom lines

You can try with video -


I tested your link and also got black borders. This occurs because aspect of original video and aspect of presets are different. There is no preset for 3GP format which would be suitable for this video as well as there is no editor options within the program. You can try to choose MP4 format and this preset for it: Mobile MP4High Resolution (MPEG4, 25 fps, 640x360, IMit; AAC - 192Kbit). You will not get borders. Though the quality you can receive will be of lower quality. In this case I could recommend you to use AVS Video Converter. In this program you can edit aspects of your video. Please note that this program is not free.

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