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I would like a download to the version before 3.1.5... I think it might have been "" Can anyone provide me with a download please.

Thank's  alot.......But  sometime does not work i like the old one better

What exactly does not work for you? Would you please specify?

Thanks a lot! I was looking for this too.
Joyce, my problem with the last version is that only parts of the audio file are downloaded: I copy the link and press download, it starts downloading fine, but at 20% or so it gets stuck and after an hour or so (YES AN HOUR! for a 3 minute audio file) it says it's finished and when you open it, the track is 50 seconds long...
I've never had any problems with prior versions and my conection works perfectly fine with every other program of this version it's just the "youtube to mp3" that's not working.
So again, Thanks!

Hi, what version of the program do you have? Can you plese post the link does not download completely?

my new version of youtube converter doesnt work it just doesnt download and it comes up saying file error i preferred the old one better

Anna Johnson
Liegh, what is the text of the error message? Please try to uncheck "Enable cookies support" in Options -> Advanced tab and restart the program.

I'm having the same problem with the new version of Youtube to MP3 Converter (  I would like to know if I can get a copy of the older version that I downloaded about a year ago, but I don't know what the version # is or if it's available.  The new one is not usable.  It appears that others are having the same problem.  Although, I don't know what setting it should be on, or what quality.  Could that be a problem?
I loved the older version b/c it was so easy to use.  No problems to speak of.  Now I can't DL anything.  I keep getting "Video download error".  Can anyone help?

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