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Why cant I download any sound from YouTube anymore? (8 posts)


Unfortunately I had to find out that my YouTube to MP3 downloader dosen downloads me any musik animore.

Why is this so? Do any body have the same Problem?
Maiby YouTube blocked it?

Pleas help me... its such a nice tool

Key Master

what do you mean? you get an error message? what does it say?
please describe the problem in detail


No. I dont know exacly what the problem is.. becouse for me it tells that it worked out, but wehn I loock for the file then I cant find it. It isent in the folder where it should be.
I tyed it with an other PC and it worked. So I m not shure if it is my firewall or anythin else.
thx for any help


I had the same problem also and i fixed it by deleting some files off my computer because i only had like a 1gig left on my harddrive so you should see if the amount of space on your harddrive is the problem.
Hopefully this helps you

Key Master

snyonz, how long does it take to download files? Some minutes or something like that, or it ends immediately right after clicking "Download"?


No. I have like 294 GB space in my 500 GB HDD. And it takes some minutes to download it.. like it had normaly.

But thanx for your help.


Ok! Everything is oky. I thougt YouTube or somone has blocked this Programm.. because i cold not download anymore.. but i uninstall the Programm and intall it new.

It works perfectli!!
Thanx alot



Got the same problem. As soon as I downloaded the software, YouTube lost all sound. Video is playing normally however. All other applications have sound. I attempted to uninstall the software and still no sound. Rebooting the computer did not help. There is over 80 GB of free space on the HD so that's not a problem either. The problem persists across all browsers i.e. Mozilla, IE.


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