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Free YouTube to MP3 converter (14 posts)

  • Started 6 years ago by frack25
  • Latest reply from Noelle Pozzi

hello, I just downloaded the newest version but I'm still not able to download. programm always said, process is completed, 1URL(s) do not contain video. I do not use proxy, I have no clue what I do wrong because, till yesterday the older version worked perfect. can anyone help me?


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Chris, can you give me some links you've tried to download?


thats weird, i was really a fan of your converter, nothing else was better like yours. from one day to other nothing work. yesterday night just I had 2 clips who worked perfectly, but today not one.


I'm having the same problem.
I lost the old converter when I reformatted my hard drive. The new one tells me it's downloading the video, & ( like Chris), nothing shows up in my MP3 player.
Frankly, I don't want video; just the audio. Is there a way to get the old version?


actually... in the forums there are the old versions...
im kinda having the same problem with mp3 to youtube converter.. but a lil different...
as u know ive had issues before.. its just with my vista computer that i hardly use.. i use my xp computer way more and i love the mp3 to youtube converter and i use one of the older versions that i asked for previously..

but i cant seem to figure out how to use it on my vista computer.. i downloaded the older version on here as well.. i figured out that the first problem was that i couldnt paste any links into the program.... the issue was actually my firewall.. so i fixed that.

now it starts to download to 5% and it just gives up... it just stops..
the message it gives me is:

"There are not any video in all added URLs!"

maybe the problem is that im trying to download to many at once... idk..
im going to put all the links im trying first then i will test downloads one at a time and post another response saying if it worked.


as i was manually typing all these links i thought of a suggestion for the future... idk if i should retype these in another forum for suggestions but i just wanted to type them here so i didnt forget.....

have all the urls that you pasted be able to be copied.. so ppl dont have to manually type them into forums like i did.. if there already is a way to do that then at least notify me of it please for no further hassles such as i had to go thru.... and maybe even a stay on top button so you can see how far along you have to go while doing other things or for other uses such as reading the files to manually type in somewhere like these forums, altho i just minimized both windows to view on the screen my first idea seems easier and maybe better for uneducated computer users.


i just checked the downloading with just one link and i got the same thing.. so that wasnt the issue....


so anyone of you have a solution??? the orbit downloader is bull!!!!! I want my free you tube MP3 back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so was so cool.

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we are working on the problem and releasing a new version in some time, so please be patient


Hello, I've got a problem with the free YouTibe -MP3. Every Download I do the MP§ file ends 10 -15 seconds bevor the Youtube file is finischd. These 15 seconds are without sond. Can you tell me what I make wrong?

hello! It says that the mpr is done but it doesn't show when i open the map where i did downloaded the file....

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