How to download YouTube channel

We use YouTube to learn languages, to do homework, to revise best moments of football match, to find tutorials. Sometimes it is very cosy to watch your favorite YouTube channels and YouTube bloggers in any situation including offline: aboard or in the countryside with iPhone or PC. Nowadays Free YouTube Download by DVDVideoSoft allows to save Youtube video from your favourite channels very conveniently. Only one click and you may enjoy interesting videos in high quality. Learn how to do it in the next step-by-step guide. 

Step 1.  Install Free YouTube Download

Run the program (it starts automatically for the first time, in other cases you can find Free YouTube Download through the Windows Start menu). The interface is very simple and self-explaining.

Step 2. Find YouTube channel to download

Open your browser and select a page with YouTube channel.

YouTube channel is a set of video, which can be expanded and updated by its owner, by means of loading new streams and creating the unique content. You can subscribe for a channel to monitor updates and receive notifications about new video. The most known YouTube channels are Music, Games, Movies) and etc.

On a channel you can watch and download all public video and channel owner playlists.

Let’s find an interesting channel and get a link.
There are two ways to do this: copy a link from address bar of the browser or click a right mouse button on the channel’s name and choose ‘Copy link address’.
Go back to program and press Paste button. Your choice is added to Free YouTube Download. Do you want to download several channels? Paste the other by the same way. So the program allows to download and convert a large amount of videos from several channels at the same time.

Step 3. Download YouTube channel

To save channel in original format of YouTube stream, сlick the Download button and wait for a while. Free YouTube Download allows to save thousands and tens of thousands of videos because of it the process may take several minutes or hours.
Every channel is saved on Hard Disk Drive (in Video folder) in a several folder which is called according to the name of the channel.

Step 4. Download only new videos from YouTube channel

If you want to save new video from yet downloaded channel without duplication, just use a helpful option of Free YouTube Download:
Click Option>Tools > Options > Output and choose ’Skip downloading if the file already exists’. So the program will save only new files from channel or playlist on pressing ‘Download’

Step 5. Save separate videos from YouTube channel

There are a lot of useful options in the program. Вesides the whole channels user can download particular videos due to video list. Playlists and channels have a blue inscription, where you can find out total amount of detected clips and channel size. Press it. So you see a list of all videos from YouTube channel.
Check only video you want to download. Exactly this files will be saved from channel. To make this process easier, use ‘Search’ to find your favorites by name and ‘Sort by’ to array files by original order/ title/ duration/ size/ upload date. Moreover you can use ‘Select all’, ‘Invert selection’, ‘Select filtered’ and etc.

Step 6. Adjust downloading

You can change default video quality and format of YouTube stream for saving, output folder, file name setup, proxy server settings, download several video, convert to MP4, AVI, MP3 and to Apple gadgets and more.

If you need help with this, follow these How to download videos from YouTube

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