How to download lossless audio from YouTube?


Lossless audio compression reduces the file size, but still delivers the original unmodified audio quality. That is why music saved in a lossless format is very popular among audiophiles. FLAC is the most popular lossless format. You can playback compressed FLAC files in your car player or home stereo. Is there lossless on YouTube? Unfortunately not, but you can convert YouTube audio to lossless with the YouTube to FLAC converter and enjoy the high quality audio with the bitrate 584kb/s and higher.

  1. Download Free YouTube To MP3 Converter.
  2. Copy the YouTube URL and add it to the program interface.
  3. Choose 'FLAC - Original quality' from the drop-down menu on top.
  4. Press 'Download'.

Enjoy better sound quality with the best YouTube to FLAC converter!