Come convertire YouTube video in MP3

Passo 1.  Installa Free YouTube to MP3 Converter e lancia il programma

Installa convertitore YouTube

Free YouTube To Mp3 Converter may bundle third-party apps including toolbars in its installation. Every time the program is installed, you may accept or reject such offers. It will not influence on Free YouTube To MP3 Converter’s installation and work in any way.

Passo 2. Copia e incolla quanti link vuoi sul convertitore YouTube

Incolla link sul convertitore YouTube

The interface is very simple and self-explaining.
Incolla link sul convertitore YouTube

The following buttons will help you download with Free YouTube to MP3 Converter: Paste button to add YouTube link(s), list of presets to choose format and quality of the output video and Download button to load the file. Moreover, you can see menu with additional settings and main area, where chosen YouTube videos are shown.

Passo 3. Scegli il formato di riproduzione

*Strumenti di Controllo – Opzioni... per trovare molte altre impostazioni: qualità video desiderata, Iscrizione Premium, Proxy, formato del nome dell’output, funzione 'salta download' e molto altro ancora.
Scegli il formato di riproduzione

Go back to Free YouTube to MP3 Converter and press Paste button.
Your video will be added to the download list. Repeat this operation to add as many URLs as you need.
Scegli il formato di riproduzione

So the program allows to download and convert a large amount of files.

Passo 4. Clicca sul pulsante Download e aspetta qualche secondo o qualche minuto (a seconda della velocità della tua connessione Internet)

Clicca su 'Download' e aspetta qualche secondo

Click the playlist and the list of videos appears in the new window. Select audio tracks you want to download from these playlist.
Hit the right mouse button to use some interesting options: insert selection, sort by and more.
Clicca su 'Download' e aspetta qualche secondo

Write the song’s title or performer’s name in a Search downloads field to find an interesting video from the playlist.
Click Close.
Clicca su 'Download' e aspetta qualche secondo

Passo 5. *Clicca sui Download – Tag... e impostali a tuo piacere.

In the dropdown menu choose one of the available qualities and select one of the pre-configured audio presets. You can save YouTube video in MP3, FLAC, M4A, AAC, WAC, OGG.

Program's distinctive feature is the opportunity to save in MP3 Lame Insane \ Extreme \ Standard Quality presets. On the right you can see one more list, where you can set quality of downloaded YouTube video stream from audio only to standard or high definition.
If you want to get audio file, choose audio quality to save your time. Files with audio and video stream may have bigger size than audio only and need more time to download.

Passo 6. 

The file(s) will be saved to My Videos folder by default and can be shown on pressing Folder button.

Passo 7. 

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact customer support team
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