1. Upload files

Upload the following files from the folder C:\Flash\ to your server: player_flv_maxi.swf, start_frame.jpg, get_video.flv, get_video.xml. You must place all these files to one folder.

2. Copy the code from the box below to your web page

<!-- Paste this code in the page once -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<!-- Embed player -->
<div id="flp"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
playerObjectID: "flp",
width: 320,
height: 240,
playerType: "maxi",
configFileName: "get_video.xml",
ofk: 1430997333273

Please note:

Some html editing software may change the pasted code according their standards. If you use such a program make sure the video playbacks correctly in you Internet browser on a local pc and then upload it to a server. If a video doesn't work we recommend you to use Notepad (Start->All Programs->Accessories->Notepad) to check and correct the code.

There are some parameters in the upper code and in the file get_video.xml. You can change them and the player will be changed.

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If you host your site or blog on a Windows Server, this guide may be interesting for you:

Configure MIME types on Windows Server to recognize FLV files.