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    Just to let you know: I'm having exactly the same problem. Had an older version, downloaded versions 128 and 125, both had the same problem. First the program wasn't running at all, and after a while only 1%, followed by an error. I have Windows Vista.


    Sorry, did mean versions 625 and 628. So the latest version.


    thanks a lot xxEzPz


    My you tube to mp3 converter and video converter are not working, I downloaded the newest update but or some reason its not allowing me to past in the url codes, is anyone else having this problem or is it just me??


    sorry to bother you again but with youtube-> mp3 v 3.12.8 build 717, i get the error: "video downloading error" again. ( 21 july 12:05 french time). just installed the version on the homepage of this website, do i have the wrong version or did youtube change once again?


    2 times restarting getting the same error, 3th time no error >.< srry never mind my previous post


    after downloading 2 songs, every time i click download it says convertion error, so i updated it and same thing. so frustrating as it downloaded to songs from youtube already and just stopped working! how do i fix this?


    Ok I have downloaded/uninstalled the mp3 converter at least 20 times now. I am unable to even paste a link into the program. No error is given I'm just unable to put a link and download the file. I am using v. 3.12.8 build 717. I am beyond aggravated with this, how can this situation be remedied?


    I've downloaded 3.12.8 build 717 and it can download and convert but only 1 song. After that it freezes and not doing anything. No error massages no nothing. pls help


    Hey everyone...same problems on my end with the newest build 717.  Stops at 1% then error.

    My Solution was simply closing/reopening the program 3x over and it started working all of a sudden...hope this works for yall/helps


    Thanks for the info Mike.


    hi Friend it works.


    not working again



    Hi Foxkiller! Maybe you know that YouTube has introduced very frequent update (breaking updates in the hosting routine) schedule. Cause of that you have problems using our program. But our engineers have prepared new version of our program that contains fix for that. Download and install our latest program version also restart the program once. After this everything should work correctly.


    Uh, I don't really know if we're having the same problem...
    but everytime I try to pull my converted music into Itunes it will say something like 'Check the URL'
    either that or it'll show up with a sign like this:

    just like that, and it's light grey.
    It just wont sync D;
    I tried restarting, signing in and back out; Even redownloading in a new user,
    But it never changes :/

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