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    The earlier 3gp converter is much reliable than the new one.....i have this previous version before that is working properly wherein i can convert any video file format into a high quality MP4 video. But when link pop up to my 3gp icon informing that there is new version 3gp video converter, immediately click the link and downloaded the latest version which i thought was much more better but when i tried to used the software it was hanging  my computer and not converting any files.  I un-install the program and  tried to download it again hoping that it will work properly, but the conversion of file failed.  I like the previous version,,,could some one lend some assistance where to download the precious version of 3gp video converter, i hate this new one since it was not working properly.

    Hi, Monique!
    Please, explain "it was not working properly". Does any error message appear? Why you cannot use it properly?


    I agree.  I had version 4 which was working perfectly, best software ever. Upgraded to version 5 and it's a mess.. Conversion does NOT keep the aspect ratio (now videos are stretched) and I had to manually changed the audio settings to AAC, otherwise my phone wouldnt run the audio.... Wish I could have stayed with version 4 but now it is not available anywhere.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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